Meeting Minutes for June 2015

Meeting Minutes for June 2015

Board members present: Karl Obergh President, Sherry Rampy Vice president, Monica Goddard Secretary, Ryan Tempest Treasurer, Diane Miller, Melanie Terpstra, Andy Brown

Board members absent: Tony Tardino, Jim Trocki arrived late.

Meeting was called to order by at 6:04 pm by Karl Obergh.  Introductions were made around the room. Andy Brown moved and Ryan Tempest seconded approval of the May 5 minutes. Minutes were approved.

Treasures report showed a balance of $19,168.04. Monica Goddard asked that future reports be dated and that checks issued also show a date. Sherry Rampy moved approval Melanie Terpstra seconded. The report was approved.

Committee reports:

FAA Karl Obergh gave a brief update.  Recent actions have been in the news. The City has filed notice of law suit. Layla Ressler of Councilman Nowokowski’s office told us that the city manager has sent a letter to the FAA re concerns about the noise as part of the Metroplex project.

Officer Howell gave the Neighborhood Safety update. Karl Obergh asked him about sex offender notices. Officer Howell pointed out that a number of offenders just out of jail get left at the homeless shelter triggering notices in our neighborhood.  It is often a temporary stop.  We do not get notices when they leave the area. Officer Howell said to contact him with any concerns or questions. Karl and Mark Davis brought up concerns about feeding homeless in Hance Park. Sherry Rampy asked what follow up there might be on the meeting regarding safety issues at Hance Park.  Officer Howell said he would check on that. He reported a rape of homeless woman by homeless man in Roosevelt Park.  Additional security might be needed.  Matt Seaman may be exploring that.

Mark Davis reported on Block Watch that A-frame signs have been ordered to advertise our monthly meetings.

Melanie Terpstra and Sherry Rampy reporting on the Home Tour said there are two definite yes’s and that the Pennell’s will host the party. They are working on other homes and have strong leads.  Regarding the proposal from Gilbert Zermeno on publicity, Sherry said that the home tour committee traditionally makes a budget for expenses for the event for Board approval. She offered to help Melanie with that.

Karl reported there are no liquor license requests.  The issue of serving wine on First Friday came up and Officer Howell pointed out it is against ordinances to do so.

Insurance renewal is still pending.  Board members agreed it was important to move ahead.


Doug Churchill has volunteered to help Mark Davis.  His contact information will be posted for anyone willing to help or contribute and articles (  Information about ad rates will also be distributed.

Web Design:

After discussion the board voted to approve the web site design proposal by Quinn Whissen.  As a side issue Sherry Rampy suggested that we not have electronic votes as association members do not know about them.

(Andy Brown left shortly after this. Jim Trocki joined the meeting)

Andy Abkarian gave update on recent development including the appeal for the project at Culver, which RAA supports, which has a hearing before Historic Preservation on June 15th.

Sherry Rampy had no update on the directory.

Pat Powers reported on the ASU project at the Westward Ho.  She said we have been asked to contribute $1500. Pat felt we should support the project but not necessarily at that level. She suggested we should wait to get more information before we make any monetary commitment.  She will bring the matter back to the Board at a later date.

Joan Kelchner reminded everyone that the next Hance Park Conservancy meeting would be the first Thursday.  When asked about the meeting on safety at the park Joan said she would check on what might be any future action. She reminded the board that our annual dues to the Conservancy will be due the end of July.  Board is to approve that at the next meeting. She mentioned Duke Reiter of ASU is interested in shade projects in the park and on Central.


Ray Dovalina and Mark Melynchenko of the City of Phoenix made a presentation on the plans to change 3rd and 5th Avenues to two way streets. There were a number of questions and concerns from attendees on both sides of the issue.  The City will hold a public meeting for additional information and neighborhood input.

Next RAA meeting is July 7th.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:34