Meeting Minutes from April 2015

Meeting Minutes from April 2015


Board members present Karl Obergh President, Sherry Rampy Vice president, Monica Goddard Secretary, Ryan Tempest Treasurer, Melanie Terpstra, Tony Tardino, Jim Trocki.

Board members absent: Diane Miller, Andy Brown

The meeting was called to order by President Karl Obergh at 6pm.  Joan Kelchner pointed out that her last name was wrong in the minutes.  Motion to approve the minutes with the correction was made by Sherry Rampy and seconded by Melanie Terpstra.  The motion carried.  Ryan Tempest gave the treasures report. The current balance is $19,641.50.  Sherry Rampy moved to approve and Jim Trocki seconded.  The motion passed.

Standing reports:

Officer Howell gave an update on neighbor safety issues including an update on the overflow shelter closure. There has been some increase in crime.   He also said that he was working with the owners of the Vig on compliance with outdoor music.  After discussion, it was decided that RAA would not take a positon but would let Officer Howell take the lead.  Interested individuals could attend the hearing

No news from Block Watch. Home Tours committee is working on setting up a meeting. Insurance needs to be renewed.  Karl Obergh was given approval to go ahead with the renewal.  The amount approved for expenditure was up to $2000. A reminder was given about the April 18th picnic. Kids Club is helping.  Sherry Rampy moved and Jim Trocki seconded approval for expenditure up to $500 for the event. Motion passed.  Work continues on planning for the newsletter with Mark Davis and Andy Brown. There was a discussion of content such as highlighting houses and whether we need advertising.  Sherry Rampy is working on the neighborhood directory. She would like to use it to encourage increased membership.

Ryan Tempest had question about the web design and asked that someone put him in touch with Sharon Westmoreland, who had worked on the old web site. Karl reported that our paperwork for reinstating our nonprofit status has been filed with help of Diane Miller.

Joan Kelchner, RAA Representative to the Hance Park Conservancy, reported that the representative from the Phoenix Parks Department was not able to attend dour meeting as scheduled for an update about the climbing wall but will attend our next meeting. She also mentioned that we may want to have alternates form the association to be available to attend the Conservancy meetings when she or Karl Obergh can’t.

Development updates:

Sherry Rampy gave brief update on the Welnick Project (4th Ave and Van Buren).  Work is moving ahead on interior and they are beginning to look for tenants.

Dale Larsen and Mike Schafer gave a report on the plans for the Westward Ho initiative.  The ASU School of Social Work with be renovating the main floor and using it as space for clinical support for the tenants and community engagement. They asked for a representative from RAA to be part of the advisory board.

Steven Bruckal, one of the owners of the properties at 302 and 306 W Culver gave a presentation on the plans to build two duplexes of 2400 square feet and 2 story.  He has been working with the City of Phoenix Historic Preservation office on design guidelines. The board voted in favor of the letter of support for the project.

New business:

Monica Goddard asked that we include FAA updates on the meeting agendas.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35.