Meeting Minutes from May 2015

Meeting Minutes from May 2015

Board members present Karl Obergh President, Sherry Rampy Vice president, Monica Goddard Secretary, Ryan Tempest Treasurer, Diane Miller, Tony Tardino, Jim Trocki.

Board members absent: Melanie Terpstra, Andy Brown, Mark Davis

The Meeting was called to order by Karl Obergh at 6pm.  First order of business was the minutes.  Two corrections were made Diane Miller was in attendance at last month’s meeting. Dave Krietor’s name was misspelled.  Sherry Rampy moved to approve the minutes with those corrections. Diane Miller seconded. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report:

Ryan Tempest reported a balance $19,416.65. Sherry Rampy moved approval Jim Trocki seconded.  Report was approved. Approval was asked to pay $536.09 for the newsletter expenses. Sherry Rampy moved to approve. Monica Goddard seconded. Motion carried.

Committee reports:

FAA deadline for comment re Metroplex was moved to May 15th. RAA did send in comments outlining concerns of the neighborhood.

Neighbor safety report was made by Officer Howell. He reported on car break-ins at downtown parking structures.  They recently made an arrest. Karl Obergh reminded everyone to always call police if there is a car break-in so fingerprints can be obtained. Call Crime Stop (262-6151).  The homeless overflow lot will be closed by May 15th. We may see more activity on the streets.  There was no block watch report.

For the Home Tour Sherry Rampy reported she is working to get home and has interest from several owners.

Karl Obergh said there was no liquor license update.

For insurance he reported that he had several questions before finalizing the O&M insurance.

Newsletter: Mark Davis is looking for volunteers.  Mark has the information about advertisements costs.

Website was the next report.  There was discussion about a new logo but it was pointed out we have used that one for a number of years.  Site needs to have Pay Pal and ability for us to add items.  Next step is to choose someone to do that work.  We have two proposals. Monica and Ryan will coordinate.   There will be an electronic vote on the proposals.

No report from Andie Abkarian.

Sherry Rampy is continuing work on the membership directory and has secured a donation towards the costs.

Diane Miller reported that we have our status again as nonprofit and said we need to file the 990.

Presentations: Cynthia Aguilar of the City of Phoenix presented an update on the NFL climbing wall to be installed in Hance Park.  Plans call for it to go in the area by the trolley.  The City does not have a budget yet for the installation. They hope to get a climbing club to operate it.  In another matter she reported that Hance Park will be undergoing work by ADOT to stop leak thru to the freeway.  Different areas will be impacted over the next months.  The City hopes all the work will be done by end of December.

State Representative Ken Clark gave a summary on the recent legislative session. No bills passed that impact our neighborhood but he said that the next session additional payday legislation may be introduced.

Rick Naimark, City of Phoenix and Bill Scheel gave a presentation on the transportation initiative on the ballot in August.  We were asked for a letter of support for the publicity pamphlet. Deadline is May 27th.   After discussion Sherry Rampy moved approval and Tony Tardino seconded.  The motion carried.

Christine Mc Kay, Community and Economic Development City of Phoenix, gave a presentation about plans for the Entertainment District. It designates an area not to exceed 1 square mile where the City Council can decide on a case by case basis to issue liquor licenses. This will help in infill development. Next meetings are June 3rd Downtown Subcommittee and formal meeting of the Council June 17 at 3pm.

A development update on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus was given by Kacie Donovan. The City is working on street safety in the area.

New business:

A reminder that the Historic Preservation Summit is 9am at Kenilworth School May 30th.  Next RAA meeting is June 2nd at UL2.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40